BULLETRISK is out now! Version 1.2 is live, bringing Game Center leaderboards, achievements, Twitter integration and more. Check it out on the App Store here


This is the official home of CatGoneCrazy, AKA Justin Towell - a video game developer, journalist and musician from Bath, England. It's also the home of Bulletrisk, an arcade-styled iOS game from CatGoneCrazy which is coming to your iPhone on July 25! Hit the 'Bulletrisk' tab at the top there to learn more. 



Oh, but we can't forget this website's resident rodent! This is also the home of Squeak's Dreams - an iOS game that's out now on the App Store in the US and UK for 69p/99c! Here's the launch trailer:




Take some time to have a look around the site - there are mp3s to listen to, lyrics to read and pictures to ogle.

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